Advance Team Advertising

Circus Bill Posting and Advance Advertising Cars Part One By Fred D. Pfening, Jr. Bandwagon, Vol. 17, No. 6 (Nov-Dec), 1973, pp. 4-16. In the golden days of the circus large amounts of money were spent on the advance advertising. The shows used large newspaper ads, heralds, courier booklets and small picture cards, but the bulk […]

Carnival Sound Truck Advertised For The Carnival

Sound Trucks Announced That The Carnival or Circus Was In Town Drawing the crowds for the carnival with the sound trucks One thing the show owners of old knew was the value of advertising in many forms. That’s why circuses always had a big mainstreet parade through the towns they played. In those parades they […]

The Innovative Way The Carnivals Advertised

The Ad Men For The Carnival Business How The Ad Team Let Everyone Know The Carnival Was Coming To Town In this photo from the early 1900″s, we see an advance team with their wooden buckets lined up getting ready to ‘post a date’. They are mixing the gooey paste from water carried under the […]

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