West Coast Shows In The 1960’s

America’s Biggest Truck Show A California Carnival This is actually an International CO but it looks a lot like the White 3000. It’s under a generator and I was head electrician on this unit that year so I probably drove it at least once. In fact, it may be the very same truck that I […]

Mighty Thomas Carnival

 Mighty Thomas Carnival Film footage of the old shows is rare. Here’s a great short piece of film showing some of the folks on the Art B.Thomas Shows back in the late 40’s or early 50’s. This show would become the Mighty Thomas Carnival and the show carries on the traditions of of it’s roots […]

When The Carnival Has To End

The Midway Lights Go Out “This is as far as we go.” There is something terribly sad and agonizingly painful when a once proud and mighty show comes to the end of the rails. You can see it coming if you have had the experience and know what to look for. Money for repairs and […]

Ruben and Cherry Shows

Carnivals of Long Ago Were So Much More Than The Newest Thrill Ride  What the carnivals of long ago looked like – just imagine . . . Carnival Show of Long Ago – Hawaiian Show The transition of this business from “show business” to “ride and food business” has been gradual. Although the modern midway […]

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