Percilla – The Monkey Girl

The Monkey Girl During her long life Percilla Lauther was known by many names. Originally she was descriptively dubbed ‘the hairy little girl’ and later as ‘the monkey girl’, but she will forever be remembered by those dear to her as Percilla Bejano – loving wife of Emmitt the Alligator-Skinned Man. Percilla Roman was born […]

The Sideshow Fat Lady

  Baby Thelma The Sideshow Fat Lady Packing Them In…… The fat lady is perhaps even more of a tradition in the sideshow than the fat man. One such performer, who is shown in this photo taken on the Ringling Bros. Side Show in 1943, was Baby Thelma, who claimed a weight of 619 pounds […]

The Lobster Boy

Grady Stiles – The Famous Lobster Boy Carnival Sideshow Attraction Lobster Boy Of all the human oddities that ever lived, the one I get asked about the most at the museum is Grady Stiles -The Famous Lobster Boy. It seems like every year or two some bright eyed, enthusiastic young writer comes through Gibsonton, endeavoring […]

The Carnival And Circus Sideshow

Sideshow! Carnival Oddities and Illusions Provide Lessons for Skeptics Like Robert Ripley, many people have always been attracted to the odd and the curious. Growing up in a small town, you may have visited the travel carnivals with the sole purpose of seeing a visiting solo act-like an armless wonder, gorilla girl, human blockhead, a three […]

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