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Car Show Members Enjoy A Day At The Museum

 Car Show Members Visit The Museum There are many groups that visit the museum.  The car shows are as much fun for us as those that tour the museum. Car shows have an opportunity to park their cars safely in the museum parking lot. The car show member gather outside before and after their tour. Call […]

Museum Interior Panorama

The International Independent Showmen’s Museum Is 52,000 Square Feet Packed With Amazing Exhibits   Inside the International Independent Showmen’s Museum you will find carnival and circus history. You will see the Wood Carvers that made the Merry Go Rounds come to life. The beautiful girls that wore those amazing decorative costumes and headpieces that glittered as […]

Candy Apples – A Carnival Midway Favorite

The History of Candy Apples Candy Apples Are A Must At The Fair Even Today . . . According to one source, American William W. Kolb invented the red candy apple. Kolb, a veteran Newark candy-maker, produced his first batch of candied apples in 1908. While experimenting in his candy shop with red cinnamon candy for […]

Original Fiddle Sticks Ice Cream

Fiddle – Sticks Ice Cream An Original Carnival Food Concession Popular Carnival Midway Treat – Yummy Fiddle – Sticks Since the 1930’s the Pope family has been offering up these delicious, gooey, frozen treats on midways across America. Fiddle Sticks, also called Fiddlestix  are made of Premium vanilla ice cream that is hand sliced into […]

Wood Carver Exhibit

The Wood Carvers Brought A Piece Of Wood Alive Talented artist shaping wood into pieces of art for the carnival   In a certain window of time, carousels were intricate, breathtaking works of kinetic art. They were created by the wood carvers. At the height of the Golden Age of Carousels (1890s-1920s), somewhere between 2,000 and […]

Minstrel Show Exhibit

Minstrel Show History Minstrel shows were born in the ashes of the deep south after the Civil War. These productions were one of the oldest forms of traveling stage shows in America, pre dating Vaudeville and even the travelling carnival itself. Racist by today’s standards the exhibit before you is meant to showcase a darker […]

Pink Poodle Skillo

    Pink Poodle Skillo Vintage Carnival Game The Pink Poodle Skillo was sometimes called a Spider Wheel, this was a popular version of the standard gaming wheel with the difference being that unlike vertical wheels such as the Big Six, this wheel sat horizontally. There were many theme variations on this device such as […]

The Country Store Game

  The Country Store Wheel Vintage Gaming Wheel Popular at Carnivals This wonderful example of a vintage gaming wheel was generously donated to our museum by Paul and Beryl Dell. The piece was built in 1934 by ‘Curly’ and Billy Webster from Baton Rouge, Louisiana and purchased by the Dell family in the 1940’s. The […]

Carnival Rides From The Past

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