Museum Features Actual Antique Carnival Rides

The First Carnival Rides When you first visit the museum you will certainly be amazed to see actual rides inside. There is a Conderman Ferris Wheel, 1950 American Beauty Kiddie Carousel, Tugboats, bumper cars , and more. The Museum features actual Antique Carnival Rides so you can see what the history of traveling shows was like […]

Royal American Shows Exhibit

Carnival Publicity And Public Relations Office Wagon Years ago interface between the show and the various media outlets was very important to the success of the spots they played. In addition to posted advertising, the shows relied on advertising from newspapers, print media, radio, and later,local television. Most big shows considered this so important that […]

American Beauty Merry Go Round

1950 Allan Herschell American Beauty Kiddie Carousel This children’s carousel was designed small in size to allow the smaller and younger kids access to the horses by themselves without needing parental help or supervision. Located in the center of the first floor of the museum is a 1950 aluminum horse American Beauty Merry Go Round. […]

Reithoffer Shows 1918 Packard Truck

  Reithoffer Restores And Preserves This 1918 Packard Truck Reithoffer Shows History Reithoffer Shows Beginnings Julius Reithoffer, emigrated from Germany in the mid 1800’s and settled in Duryea, Pennsylvania, opening a general store. He eventually saved up enough money running that little store to be able to purchase his first ride, a steam driven carousel, in […]

Royal American Shows Carnival Merry Go Round Wagon

Rides Were Hauled In Wagons On The Royal American Shows Every ride had at least one wagon that contained all the pieces necessary to setup the ride. Some rides needed three or four wagons to hold all the pieces of that particular ride. The Merry Go Round needed three or four separate wagons to carry […]

Genter’s Miniature Carnival Midway Exhibit

Carnival Showbiz In Miniature On Display At The International Independent Showmen’s Museum Ray Genter created his miniature carnival masterpiece in 26 years. If you look closely you will see over 15,000 hand painted miniature people that include men, women, and children, 127 rides (some of which no longer operate), 275 concession stands, and 74 different […]

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