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Ways To Help The Museum and Keep The Memories Alive

The International Independent Showmen’s Museum can only thrive with the generous support of individuals, corporations and sponsors. These gifts and pledges ensure the Museum continues to provide exceptional exhibitions, programming throughout the year.  Review the options below to learn how you can support the International Independent Showmen’s Museum today or call the Museum Curator, David Rivera at 813.671.3503.

1.  Donations – direct donation

2. By Fax or Mail: Donation Form Available at the museum, through email, fax, or mail. Please request the form. (Please be advised to not send credit card information through email, but rather via fax, mail or telephone.)

3. General Giving: If you wish to help International Independent Showmen’s Museum and give the flexibility to use the gift where the current need is greatest, give the gift unrestricted.  In this way, the International Independent Showmen’s Museum can apply your gift where most needed.  Simply write “unrestricted” on the check memo line.

4. Planned Gifts: These gifts usually involve the expertise of an attorney, CPA or financial advisor, and can often be the most beneficial gifts to the donor.  If you would like to explore this option, please telephone and we can discuss options available for your consideration.

5. Corporate Giving: Corporations might wish to fund an exhibit, a speaker series, or a specific project.  Please call and we can discuss those options with you.

6. Employer Matching Gifts: Some corporations will match the gifts of their current or previous employees.  The restrictions and amount of the match vary greatly but we will be most happy to help you obtain the needed information.

7. Sponsorships: It’s possible to sponsor, as an individual, a group or a business, can contribute to different activities at the International Independent showmen’s Museum – from exhibitions, technology, the librarydevelopment, preserving photos, oral histories, a documentary,  to speaker series.  Please call and we can discuss.

8. Gifts in Kind: These gifts can be works of circus and carnival art, books about the carnival or circus, banners, costumes, photos, games, carnival artifacts, carnival  furniture, etc.  They are not cash gifts.  Acceptance criteria varies greatly but we would be most happy to discuss with you.

9. Donate by Mail: If you wish to mail a check (no cash, please), please include written instructions on how you wish the gift to be used.  If there are no instructions, the gift will be used for the area of the current greatest need – in other words, it will be unrestricted.  Either write the purpose on the memo line of the check or include a signed and dated note with instructions.

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