Car Show Members Enjoy A Day At The Museum

alt="Car Show Members Visit The Museum"

 Car Show Members Visit The Museum

There are many groups that visit the museum.  The car shows are as much fun for us as those that tour the museum. Car shows have an opportunity to park their cars safely in the museum parking lot. The car show member gather outside before and after their tour. Call to book your personal tour for groups of 15 or more!


The museum has been visited by many groups such as Red Hats, Senior Groups, Mystery Tours, and so many more.  When you visit as a group, you get to have a private tour that really explains the history and knowledge of David (Doc) Rivera. You will discover how this business all began at the Colunbian Exposition. He will tell you all about Al and Jeanie Tomaini and those that lived in Gibsonton. You will find out about Royal American Shows and Strates that transported their entire show by railroad. You will see experience the Minstrel AShow and discover vaudevill’s roots. He will tell you about the old carnival games and carnival concessions that made the midway experience so much fun.

Bring your group in for a rare treat. We look forward to sharing the treasures that await you on the inside.

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