Genter’s Miniature Carnival Midway Exhibit

Carnival Showbiz In Miniature On Display At The International Independent Showmen’s Museum

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Ray Genter Created This Miniature Carnival

Ray Genter created his miniature carnival masterpiece in 26 years. If you look closely you will see over 15,000 hand painted miniature people that include men, women, and children, 127 rides (some of which no longer operate), 275 concession stands, and 74 different carnival shows. He really captures the essence of carnival showbiz in miniature. The model is entirely hand crafted not from store bought kits. A true labor of love. You just have to come see Genter’s Miniature Carnival Midway Exhibit for yourself. This is a fabulous model of Carnival Showbiz In Miniature On Display at the International Independent Showmen’s Museum.

Ray Genter owned and operated a life-size carnival called Great Lakes Amusements and he has managed to bring to life in his carnival miniature model. The model features everything that makes a full size carnival so popular and fun. Genter even went so far as  to put miniature portable bathrooms, fake generators, and replica wires that run the rides, concessions, and games on a real carnival midway.

Paul Becker, president of Fun and Games Inc in Muskegon, appraised the miniature carnival model for $78,575.00. Becker has been appraising hobby displays for over 30 years. Genter’s miniature carnival is likely one of the largest. Ray Genter and his wife Sharon have generously donated this miniature carnival model to our traveling shows in America museum.

He built the miniature carnival in the basement of his home. He started with one 3 ft by 4 ft table which grew to cover 16 tables which meant he outgrew the space in his basement. Ray is still building carnival models to this day. He and his wife Sharon visit the museum during the International Independent Showmen’s Association Trade Show in February. It is always a treat for us when they visit. Stop by and see his marvelous midway miniature carnival.

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