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The Museum Online Store at the International Independent Showmen’s has numerous items that capture carnival and circus history. There are rare, out of print books and recent books written about sideshows, carnival history, carnival shows, and so on. They are filled with vintage photos, great stories and chronicle the lives of those that created food, fun, games, and thrill rides. The books help preserve the history of Traveling Carnivals in America which is what the museum is all about.

There are great keepsakes like the Viking Giant’s Ring Replicas that fit his finger perfectly but are as large as a silver dollar and would be huge on your finger, unique souvenirs, and other carnival memorabilia.  We have Wall of Death, Sideshow, and Carousel museum t-shirts.

We are about to make several additions to the Museum Online Store – so check back often.

The Museum Online Store at the International independent Showmen’s  also has the exclusive Carnivalopoly Board Game.

Click below for the Museum Online Store at The International Independent Showmen’s Museum:

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International Independent Showmen’s Museum Store

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