Inside The International Independent Showmen’s Museum

Tampa Bay FOX 13 Visits Us Inside The International Independent Showmen’s Museum

Inside the International Independent Showmen’s Museum, you will find what traveling shows there were in America like sideshows, girl shows, wild west shows, Hawaiian Shows, Freak Shows, vintage rides and games and of course carnival and circus history.

Step right up and enjoy the show … the way it used to go! See antique costumes, rare photographs, old rides and more- it’s all displayed in the 54,000 square foot showroom that is the International Independent Showmen’s Museum.

The museum, located right in Riverview, captures the essence of a day when carnivals, circuses and other attractions were the main sources of entertainment as they traveled across the country.

My Fox Tampa Bay Charley Belcher, the host of Charley’s World, visited the museum on June 4th, 2014 titled “Inside The International Independent Showmen’s Museum with Fox 13.” Charley aired live from the museum and it was a lot of fun. In fact, he did his entire morning segment with us. Most people don’t realize that the museum has so much to see inside. Charley liked the rare Fool The Guesser and the Big Six Wheel. He also was interested in the live size rides we have setup inside. It was a fun day for us. Come by and check it out for yourself. We are always adding to our collection. There have been numerous additions since his visit.



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