Inventing A New And Successful Carnival Ride

WANTED – A MILLION-DOLLAR RIDE by Harold S. Kahm Inventing a new and successful carnival ride for the thrill-hungry public’s amusement and make a fortune. WOULD you like to make $100,000.00? You can do it by inventing a new and successful amusement riding device. The average amusement park or carnival patron, swooping madly through the […]

Ringling Bros Circus Train Facts

Ringling Bros. Has A Rich History With Trains During the late 1800’s, the show stock of Barnum and Bailey’s circus were wintered in Pine Plains on various farms. $5 a month was paid for each animal’s board and a regular circus employee was with each lot of animals, and was boarded by the farmer for $10 […]

The Sideshow Fat Lady

  Baby Thelma The Sideshow Fat Lady Packing Them In…… The fat lady is perhaps even more of a tradition in the sideshow than the fat man. One such performer, who is shown in this photo taken on the Ringling Bros. Side Show in 1943, was Baby Thelma, who claimed a weight of 619 pounds […]

The Aerio Cycle – An amazing 1901 fair ride

Old Fair Rides of The Past Include The Aerio Cycle The 1901 Aerio Cycle After George Ferris brought his massive Ferris Wheel to the Chicago World’s Fair in 1893, other talented inventors got on the ride building band wagon. The Aerio Cycle, a star of the Pan American Exposition of 1901 in Buffalo, looked like […]

Wall of Death

Wall Of Death Is A Crowd Pleaser on Carnival Midways Motordromes featured daredevil motorcycle riders, hot rods, and even lions  . . . The Motordrome or “Wall Of Death” was one of the most popular shows on the midway and every carnival of any size carried one. These thrilling shows featured daredevil motorcycle riders.  The Wall […]

The Magical Carousel and The Way They Came To Be

 History Of The Carnival Carousel The carousel may be as much as 1,500 years old when baskets lashed to a center pole were used to spin riders around in a circle in ancient Byzantium. During the twelfth century in Turkey and Arabia, men and their horses played a game in which delicate balls filled with […]

Car Show Members Enjoy A Day At The Museum

 Car Show Members Visit The Museum There are many groups that visit the museum.  The car shows are as much fun for us as those that tour the museum. Car shows have an opportunity to park their cars safely in the museum parking lot. The car show member gather outside before and after their tour. Call […]

Tivoli – Antique Carnival Game

  The Tivoli Is A Vintage Carnival Game On Display At The Museum The Tivoli or “Tiv” was a game that incorporated marbles cascading through a maze of pins to fall into numbered areas. The numbers correspond to prizes or in the case of multiple marbles dropping, are added together for a total. The Tivoli Is […]

Museum Interior Panorama

The International Independent Showmen’s Museum Is 52,000 Square Feet Packed With Amazing Exhibits   Inside the International Independent Showmen’s Museum you will find carnival and circus history. You will see the Wood Carvers that made the Merry Go Rounds come to life. The beautiful girls that wore those amazing decorative costumes and headpieces that glittered as […]

Candy Apples – A Carnival Midway Favorite

The History of Candy Apples Candy Apples Are A Must At The Fair Even Today . . . According to one source, American William W. Kolb invented the red candy apple. Kolb, a veteran Newark candy-maker, produced his first batch of candied apples in 1908. While experimenting in his candy shop with red cinnamon candy for […]

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